Things that are good and girly but good nonetheless

  • First and foremost, Maryam is coming to town today!!
  • We are going to eat Ethiopian food and Persian food and laugh and knit and...
  • Have an Anne of Green Gables (The Kevin Sullivan flavor) movie marathon with Pandles.
  • I finally got a new bedspread and sheet set to replace my polyester "Quick! I just moved to town and it's snowing and I need sheets and a bedspread!" The new one is cotton. And polka dotty. And brownandgreen. And it's from Target. And I am pleased. I also got a mattress pad. The mattress pad is not pictured. And it is wrinkly because I haven't washed it yet and I can't be arsed.
  • Ernie is wearing a batman (well Bacardi) bandanna so that he can fight crime.


capello Saturday, November 17, 2007 1:10:00 pm  

love the beadspread!

aaron needs a new comforter (yeah, he sleeps with a comforter, i sleep with a quilt.) and i'll take a look at target today. his is 17 years old and i'm damn tired of sewing popped seams. and it's not 100% cotton and it's getting pilly and have i mentioned? IT'S UGLY TOO.

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