what do these three things have in common?

they're things that make james the chick the bestest (and most detail-oriented) friend you could ever hope for!

i am finished with final papers and madness

and i'm on summer vacation.

knitting.......... here i come!

i've only got 8 pages of my 20 pager done...

so i can't do a whole post. and i'm choosing to post mostly in pictures

a disturbing distortion of my childhood memories from haiku girl


on people who make you cry that you love because they're wonderful and they make you cry in the good way

jamesina is the most wonderful person ever.

thanks, love.

watch your letterbox on tuesday.

it's my birthday so i had ice cream for breakfast

so close to being done with the quarter...

just 1 more 20 page paper to write!


on turning 28

28 isn't as fun of a number as, say, 27.

but on friday, i will be two times two times seven years old. i, like some people i know love my birthday and think it's GREAT to celebrate ME. however, since i've already done cartwheels, i am excited to say that yayms and crazy mara and pei lo mein are taking charge of this birthday and inviting people to GO DANCING TO 80'S MUSIC this weekend!

if you're in denver, come to polly esther's please! (23rd and blake in LoDo)

or, get me something pretty! or just post a happy thought somewhere in cyberspace.

some sleepy thoughts...

  • i am so tired today i want to curl up under my desk and nap until i'm fired.
  • the name "knitting for boozehags" has yet to stop amusing me every time.
  • i haven't touched kyoto in weeks and that makes me saddish.
  • i'm of the school that james the chick needs to post every day until she gives birth so that we don't sit and wonder all day long whether she's given birth or not.
  • i did cartwheels and roundoffs and front walkovers and back walkovers and played leapfrog in the grass yesterday with yayms and crazy mara.
  • my 20 page paper that was supposed to be due tomorrow is now due tuesday. whew. i guess that means i should start it today though.
  • still loving despair's demotivators.

something that never fails to make me laugh

"what do you burn besides witches?"


flickr got bettr

so, now instead of having the photostream appear in flash, it displays jpgs, so you don't have to use the freakin thumbnail if you're posting a photo but not linking it back to flickr! yay!

for instance:

(thanks to j.d. for the link to the site of apathy and mediocrity - terribly appropriate this week)

i'm back...

...but insanely busy.

tawk amongst yourselves.

i'll give you a topic: rhode island, it's neither a road, nor an island. discuss.

remember that episode of saved by the bell

where jessie gets hooked on caffeine pills because she's an overachiever and thinks she can do everything at once with no repercussions and is going to perform "i'm so excited" with kelly and lisa, and zach hosts a mini-intervention wherein he tells her she overslept for her performance, and she runs to the caffeine pill bottle, and zach is strong but caring, and she starts saying

"there's no time! there's never enough time! i'm so excited! i'm so... i'm so... i'm so scared..." and collapses into a sobbing mess on the floor?

i feel sorta like that.
but i don't take caffeine pills. just espresso.

zach morris, where are you when i need you?!?

Googlism for: heather feather

heather feather is a wastepaper basket that unblocks drains and bleeps when you whistle for it

thanks to sarah for the heads up
thanks to googlism for the new motto

i'm typing a lot today, so why type extra when i can just make you read what i MUST type anyway

(note, this is copyright ME, they're in fully cited, so if you steal it, i'll kick you)

Intelligence Capabilities of the Cheka

"Previously noted are the ends that were granted the Cheka. However, the means used by this organization to attain those ends were varied and vast. By 1918, the means employed by the Cheka were widely known for their brutality, spurring Dzerzhinsky to issue a Code of Conduct.[1] The behaviors outlined give a good sense of methods used to attain information and make arrests. For example, one code states that “forcible entry…is an evil to which we have to resort…but it must always be remembered that it is an evil…”[2] Subsequent issues state that arrests must not be made on the strength of rumor and suspicion, as well as entreating Chekists to treat suspects with respect when they are searched, arrested, and imprisoned, and “scrupulously refraining from abusive language, threats, and brandishing of firearms,” as well as the threat that a Chekist caught maltreating a prisoner beyond a first offense would go to trial.[3] Widely accepted is the brutality of the Cheka, but rarely addressed is their counterintelligence and operational tactics used to obtain intelligence."

[1] Leggett, George. The Cheka: Lenin’s Political Police 1917-1922. Clarendon Press (Oxford: 1981). p. 187.
[2] Ibid.
[3] Ibid.

calgon, take me away!


yaymee and i are going to santa fe the weekend of june 10. we're going to hang out in santa fe, drive to chimayo and stop in taos on the way back.

this is a picture of the hotel we're staying in:

here's a picture that we are ABSOLUTELY going to recreate when we get there:
i haven't taken a trip for the sake of itself in YEARS. i totally need it, too.

in unrelated news, i accidentally bought the wrong deodorant scent. i hate it, and smell it every time i move. at least i don't smell stinky. just ocean breezey... yet again reinforcing my philosophy that you NEVER buy any scent that claims to smell like water.


i feel a funk coming on.

it started when i was sitting in barnes and noble with yaymee reading the beginning of the secret life of bees which i had passed so many times that it was time to investigate it.

and then i was in the mood to send a text message with some teitur lyrics in it, and realized i had no one to send it to...

"i was just thinking that i have been missing you for way too long..."

maybe it's just a melancholy evening.

i'm tangled up, i've got a kitten, kitten, kitten in my air...

  • this weekend = no fun, much work, and maybe a bbq if i make some progress on the cheka
  • next weekend = maybe fun, but very tired and slightly scary as we go to creede and get our butts kicked
  • weekend after next = heatherfeather's birthday weekend. no gogo's and i've handed planning of the festivities to yaymee, crazy mara, and pei lo mein (whose birthday is the 24th and people keep forgetting that, so KNOCK IT OFF!)
so another random picture to make you grin. or not. you have free will, so you choose which.


i have been a lousy blogger lately.

no original observations. no opinions (except for my teitur review which was pretty shabby). just memes and links and pictures.

i should do what p-man is doing and commence a hiatus until the quarter is finito.

because i have papers a-plenty to write, and will be in creede, co for days and days next week wherein i won't be able to SHOWER much less have an internet connection. (it's for a class. i'll be on the clock for around 85 hours straight. i am NOT looking forward to it.) i also have to arrange for a kennel or petsitter for the beastie, clean the house, and pay mondo bills.

but if i officially take a hiatus, i won't be able to stick to it. so we should call this a "see if i have time for you, you internet thingie, you..."

the internet is weird, man

i was cruising some of julie's archives about strange ways people wind up at her site via google.

and i found a link to a 14 month old story about a 3-headed frog. with a photo.

for the record, the most popular search string bringing people to this site: alias recap

the most surreal: hip hop dance studio in caribou, Maine

the most appropriate: is found here

from spamusement

Monkeys turned into workaholics:

tuesday meme

because i stayed up late last night watching a care bears movie with mara important programming on international politics with mara, i'm really tired today and until i get some coffee, you get a meme:

1) When I was a kid after school I: went home and watched the mickey mouse club.

2) This one time when I was high: if you know me, you know that my life is too weird to make it weirder on purpose with drugs

3) The New Pope: someone i approach cautiously until i know more.

4) I fall asleep easily: with the help of 100 mg of benadryl

5) I need more: liquid assets and vacation.

6) I need less: stupid questions from people too lazy to think about the answer.

7) Public toilets are useful for: providing a slightly less scary option than the port-a-john.

8) The United States should change its name to: the land of no wild monkeys

9) My theme song would be: after all, dar williams

10) Sometimes I think people: should dance because it's fun and not worry about what they look like when they're flailing like a spastic monkey.

11) Prescription drugs are: what keep me going during pollen season

12) The middle finger is most useful: when grabbing the last migraine pill out of a tall, narrow bottle.

13) The last time I bought a pair of shoes: a few weeks ago at payless. they're green (shocker)

14) In one month: i will be studying political theory. [softly weeping and rocking]

15) For the last time: please don't eat the daisies.

16) The last thing I stole: your liver heart.

17) If I won the lotto, the first thing I would buy: the balance of all my debt (boring, but true)

18) When in Rome: wear a toga wand stroll through the streets with a harp. if people ask if you're all right tell them you're nero and here to finish the job.

19) If only I could get rid of: this annoying sneezing habit.

20) Your mom: is hiding from you.

21) When I'm on death row my last meal will be: really unhealthy. think orange hostess cupcake deep fried and covered in butter.

22) The last person who talked to me: crazy mara. we discussed care-a-lot castle, tenderheart bear, and the care bear stare the cost of prescription drugs, law enforcement, and, most likely monkeys.

23) I mostly use the internet: to find random stuff. you people say some weird things.

24) When I'm President: pigs will fly.

25) I most resemble: today: blinky mcblinkerson the kleenex-handed captain of the h.m.s. sneezaroo.

26) The word I say too much is: monkeys

27) Vegas is great for: a city that reaches 125 degrees by 9 am in july.

28) Michael Jackson: why do i think that guy is so weird?

29) The Speed Limit means: drive that speed plus 9 to avoid a ticket.

30) When I die I want my body: that's a good enough sentence as is

31) If I could go back in time I'd: go to hill valley high school's "enchantment under the sea" dance

32) The last time I said "this sucks" I: was probably writing a paper.

33) You obviously know me well when: you invite me over to play guitar and drink pinot noir until 2 am

34) Tomorrow I will: drink too much coffee, work, go to school, meet with delta force.

35) I spend too much time: procrastinating paper-writing

36) The last thing I broke:my bank account.

37) Oh yeah and don't forget: donations always welcome.

here. in my head

in my head i found you there and
running around and following me
but you don't, oh, dare, now
but i find that i have, now
more then i ever wanted to

so maybe thomas jefferson
wasn't born in your backyard
like you have said and
maybe i'm just the horizon you run to when
she has left you there, you, are
here in my head
and running around and calling me
"come back i'll show you the roses
that brush off the snow
and open their petals again and again"
and you know that
apple green ice cream
can melt in your hands
i can't, so...

i held your hand at the fair
and even forgot what time it was
and even thomas jefferson
wasn't born in your backyard
like you have said and
maybe i'm just the horizon you run to
when she has left
you and me here
alone on the floor
you're counting my feathers
as the bells toll
you see the bow and the belt
and the girl from the south
all favorites of mine
you know them all well
and spring brings fresh little puddles
that makes it all clear
makes it all...
hey, do you know
hey, do you know
what this is doing to me?
oh, here...
here. in my head


my office moved from inside the hospital to one of the buildings that houses physician offices. i have a much better computer with 10X the memory of the last computer, a flat screen 20" monitor, i can listen to music through speakers (which have AMAZING sound quality) instead of headphones, no one comes in or out of my work space except my boss from time to time (when she's not out all day at meetings), there are scented candles here and there (she's the nester, i myself have no inclination to setting up knicknacks), we have a thermal gevalia coffee maker with gevalia coffee, and since it was a doctor's office first there is of course the little tiny 2-way cabinet in the bathroom through which to pass your urine specimen.

did i mention that i have great speakers and don't have to used headphones anymore?

currently bumping in the office: "we're both so sorry" by mirah

when the physician with a 9:30 appointment comes in, however, i should make sure that "roses" by outkast is NOT playing.

i still sleep with the lights on....

i haven't been this stuck on a new album since i got dar williams' the green world in 2001. i mentioned it briefly earlier, but now i've got the whole thing and i'm in love. why don't i marry it? why don't i indeed?

teitur's poetry and airplanes is simple, really well-produced, -written, -performed, and -arranged. and i can't stop listening to it. even the songs i don't love, i really, really like a ton. ("you're the ocean" may be the weakest song, but it's not bad by any means) my favorites are "i was just thinking" and "sleeping with the lights on" but "josephine" and "rough around the edges" certainly stop me in my tracks each time...

sadly, i'm still too enamored to think clearly (and seriously strung out on benadryl) and come up with a descriptive or cohesive review, but i can do numbers, and i give poetry and airplanes 5 stars.

cinco de mayo es muy bueno! especialamente por los perros!

last night i went to have some cinco de mayo festivity. (ole!) i left at about 8, went to gov's park with a mini-crew (crazy mara, timmy, fritzie, celine, and cheryl), and got home at about 11:45.

from my car i could hear someone was having a party. serious music bumpin' in the 'hood. i figured, well denver has reportedly the biggest cinco de mayo festivities in the u.s., someone's being festive. as i walked closer to home, i though, man, that sounds like it's coming from my house. maybe the people who moved in upstairs are having a moving party?

then i thought, how weird is it that they're listening to suzanne vega's "ironbound/fancy poultry." wait a minute... what are the chances of that?

yes, it was MY DOG that was having the bumpin' party. i usually leave the radio on sort of low when i'm gone because it decreases the ambient noises that occur. my ipod was almost dead, so i plugged it in and let him listen to it. somehow, ernie the uberpet found the remote control and turned up the radio AS LOUD AS IT WENT and was grooving to my "mellow time" playlist that i listen to when i'm falling alseep. so not only was the dog bustin' the non-cincodemayo tunes, he was playing the folkiest (no, not forkiest) stuff he could find...

he's so cool.


i got nothing.

linktastic wednesday

  • was listening to radioioAcoustic last night. heard a new danish singer/poet - teitur lassen. "i'm just thinkng" and "josephine" are amazing little ditties. yay for new music!

since it went well yesterday...

i have posted all of my semaphoria/forkbeard wedding pictures for your pleasure.

to peek, go here

please excuse the exposure issues in the church.

and look for the picture where it looks like the priest is scowling at me, the picture taker (which prompted my mother to ask, "what were you doing in church to make the priest scowl at you?")

happy second anniversary

to semaphoria and forkbeard!

excuse me for being shallow...

but isn't the ukrainian prime minister, yulia tymoshenko, a hottie?

although it doesn't hurt to ask what yushchenko's doing to her with his right fist.

gnawing, tingling, wasting...

i have that really unpleasant anxious feeling in my stomach. it's been there since sunday. and i thought after last night's interactions it would abate... but it isn't abating.

i hate it. i can't concentrate, i can't make it stop, and i can't write the freaking paper that's due tomorrow night.

but semaphoria told me to "so... just be happy go lucky, paint your toenails red, and be happy to be a smart, gorgeous, courageous young thang."

maybe that will help.

wear galoshes

exploding frogs?

(link via steve)

are goats the new monkeys?

is it my goat, or is it your goat? (the obvious compromise when discerning lyrics from "are you that somebody?" without the helpfulness of the internet)

so, saturday was the trivial pursuit deathmatch. and the results had mixed effects. all in all, there was overt good sportsmanship, but i think that feelings were hurt... which is too bad. and then we went to timmy and fritzie's house post-game. then we went to moscow underground, which was EMPTY when we got there at 11:30. luckily there were 17 of us, so we increased the total number of patrons to about 22. it was good time fun.

i'm still bummed about the trivial pursuit fallout.

note to self: trash talking = WAY more fun.

and for those of you giving me grief for posting about ghost, thppppplllllllld at you. especially since i didn't do an editorial, and one of the offending parties may have reviewed steel magnolias the day before. i'm just saying is all. :)

who said politics are boring?

today in the nuclear north korean saga, the ny times (free registration) both sides revert to name calling.

some of the highlights:

not a good person

why would anyone bother writing fiction when real life people come up with this stuff all on their own?

favorite line from ghost

damn, baby... what you do to your hair?

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