Thursday Hodgepodge

Not much coherence today, just random thoughts strung together:

I'm really moved by the funeral arrangements and commemorations for Pres. Reagan. It's partly because it's the first president I remember (I don't remember the Carter years very well, being 0-3 years old). The first presidential election I remember was the 84 when Mondale and Ferraro (I really wanted a female vp when I was 7) were running against Reagan and Bush. I remember sitting in the Montessori playground talking about politics with Kortney Groves, Melissa Camacho, and Laura Greene... Although Pat Farley may or may not have been involved, too. I guess I started into politics pretty early... I was a fan of Dukakis when I was 11, too. Even though the 11 year old in me thought the pee slogan was clever: George Bush don't Dukakis. It works better out loud. Anyhow, I'm also moved enormously by Nancy Reagan. I never had much interest in her when I was younger, but I do remember it being the first time I'd heard of breast cancer. And while in so many ways, I can't help but think that his death was merciful from this debilitating disease (if you've never met and/or loved anyone with Alzheimer's it's truly more devastating than could be imagined), her obvious love and grief make me want to reach out to her in some way...

Moving on.

I'm still working on Mary's scarf... and I'm SO tired of pink by now.

I had anoter weird dream about one of my kids from Pasadena. She was totally one of my favorites, and when I first met her, you couldn't understand a word she said, and she'd jibberjabber ALL the time. When she first learned to say "Heather" it came out as "Headyouuuuuuu" (someone said it sounded like she was speaking whale) but by the time I left, she was using wonderful sentences very appropriately, and when she didn't have the words she would use a sentence she knew that would sort of fit the bill. Anyhow, I had a dream that I had to say goodbye to her again, which was hard, but her mom wanted me to come with them to pick out a bathing suit for her (the girl) and then we'd eat lunch at the food court in the big Target that was right behind my office. There was something else, but I can't quite put my finger on it at the moment.

I had a message on my voice mail this morning from an Officer Someone with the Colorado State Police. It was about making an appointment up to a week in advance, and he'd try the other number. It was likely a wrong number, but I was afraid I'd forgotten something REALLY important... like a crime I'd commited, or a court date, or something... I hope I didn't.

I want a job. I want a new computer. I want to be back in school. All things in their time, I suppose.


Anonymous Friday, June 11, 2004 3:07:00 am  

Hey Heather!! Well, I just had my whole comment done and then it didn't post, or at least not to my knowledge. I think, you being into politics at a young age is really cool. I wish I was more into it. I hate having conversations about it though because they are always extreamly unconfertable. Don't forget my scarf too. HEHEHEHE!!! Pink is the best!! The dream was kinda sweet. I am a pretty emotional person at the moment. Isn't it wierd how certain music can effect the way you drive? The message on your phone was funny. That part made me laugh. I got your survey thing in my email, well actually ed had to send it me becasue it didn't go through to me, it was interesting. You should laugh more. It helps burn calories, thats always a plus. Anyway I have to go to bed. I love you lots!! God BLess, Trina

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