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Yahoo Mail just changed their overall look and it's startling, and will take some getting used to... However, they've also upped my storage from 6 mb to 100 mb, so instead of using 40% of my available storage, I'm only using 2%. But whatever. I don't know about that sort of stuff.

Tonight, I'm having a Clark Family Dinner. I'll be having dinner with Jason and Jeannette Clark, their little son Michael, and in attendance will be their baby in utero. It'll be nice. Jason thought I'd like to have someone to watch the 5th (and possibly final) Lakers-Pistons game, so that I could cheer on the Lakers in good company. I've never watched more than 4 consecutive minutes of basketball in my LIFE, so he said that if nothing else, at least Michael will be excited to have someone who will pay attention to him during the game. I talked to Michael on the phone he said, "Hello." "See you later." and "I love you." There may have been some prompting from Jason, since he's 22 months old. But he evidently lopves to sing and his favorite song is Happy Birthday.

In Heather's A Music Geek news, Happy Birthday is the 2nd most popular children's song of all time. It makes sense. The number 1 song? The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Or the Eensy Weensy Spider, depending on your particular school of thought.

I've been given a loaner Nokia phone to test in my signal unfriendly basement. (Cris' Nokia worked at my house, but he has AT&T) If it doesn't work, I'll have to switch providers in September... Or get a landline so I can be reached when I'm at home.
(strange, incomplete segue: my favorite part of R&G Are Dead is when they're playing Questions, and the sequence goes:
What's your name?
When I'm at home?
Is it different when you're at home?)

I'm SUPER excited about a VH1 special that's on tonight: In Tune with Paul Simon and John Mayer. I like John Mayer somewhat... But Paul Simon. I think he is genius. He's absolutely brilliant (and somewhat responsible for my obsession with Santa Fe... It doesn't have anything to do with Newsies) So, although I'll be at the Clarks house, my trusty VCR is taping it. My favorite Paul Simon is impossible to nail down to one. My favorite John Mayer song is "My Stupid Mouth" and it's because of that song that I have any sort of fondness for "Your Body's a Wonderland" because he layers "I'm never speaking up again" over the end chorus. Otherwise, "Wonderland" really skeeves me out because I feel like such a voyeur... Which isn't what I like to feel like.

Ollie the Wonderdog (yesterday, however, I was lying in the hammock, and he was in the hammock, then he hopped off and lay down under the hammock, and I called him Ollie the Underdog) is sprawled in a most indecent fashion across the guest room bed at my aunt's house.

I really don't like Norah Jones all that much, but I sort of groove to "sunrise."

I've got a touch of logorrhea (go to if you don't know what that is, although you could figure it out if you've ever heard "In the beginning was the Logos and the Logos became man" from John 1:1 and know what means Logos.) so I'll sign off.

It's supposed to rain, and I was going to go back to Penny Lane's open mic tonight, but the rain adn the fact I'm going to the Clarks house has changed my plans. Maybe Thursday.

I swear, I'm done now.

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